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6 : 0
Destruction Brothers
Dut0n - Milfeulle - Netsky - pischto - Risiko - Splinter 6 versus 6 ColonelBrom, Perry, HarryHagaren, M4trock, Don Prato, RaiKo

Category S12 - Div 6
Date 2012-05-31 at 8:00 PM
Matchlink www.etf2l.org/matches/34906/
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Report Report of the adversary
Holy crab!
This match was GREAT!
By great, I don't mean your usual fantastic game, no - I am speaking of a game which was awesome and made us like an old hated friend: Good old gravelpit.
None of us really liked that map, until yesterday -we are proud to announce, we have a new friend.
Anyway, back to business - as I mentioned we were playing gravelpit which was a great game, some uncommon play styles were used and all in all we have a great time on that map. DB were quite strong, but eventually we succeeded to win both rounds.

Second map was badlands - not much to say, very little back and forth, general direction to their last control point. Easy game here.

Map Result Comment
Gravelpit 2 : 0
Badlands 5 : 0

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