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6 : 0
Fruit Team
Dut0n - Netsky - pischto - Risiko - Splinter 6 versus 6 Caste., Fruit - Maracuja, Rock Fudo, The Game, Lorenzo94, Nana

Category S12 - Div 6
Date 2012-05-24 at 8:00 PM
Matchlink www.etf2l.org/matches/34904/
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Report Report of the adversary
An other match won - as expected!
Now here a short breakdown. Our main medic Hisui aka Milfi wasn't able to play this week at all so we had to rely on our backup player theman: name is program, he managed to fill in the gap quite nicely.
First map was the fairly new map cp_snakewater, on which we had some starting problem to be honest, but once the steam engine gets going, there is not stopping it! So we managed to get a 5 - 0 out of it, but not as easy and fast as expected.
Second map would be cp_gravelpit - which is a great map for spectators and team having a good tactic - well, guess what. We still have no clue how to play this map at all - it's like a painful and slow death. However by the looks of it, Team Fruit had even a harder time on it - so everything is great in the end.

Friendly opponents - good fights, all in all a nice game.

Map Result Comment
Gravelpit 2 : 0
Snakewater 5 : 0

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