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6 : 0
Dut0n - Milfeulle - Netsky - pischto - Risiko - Splinter 6 versus 6 KwarY, Nino, BoinasPT, รlσσσw ^^, N1ZUW, WestPT

Category S12 - Div 6
Date 2012-05-16 at 8:00 PM
Matchlink www.etf2l.org/matches/34900/
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Report Report of the adversary
Now how should I put it?
Granary was pretty one sided, as our opponent only played with 5 players. So nothing much to add here.
Snakewater however was getting really interesting.
Lots of back and forth, pushing, backing up, like every good TF2 game should be.
Snakewater being our worst map by far for the moment being, we really struggled to get the capture points - however with a bit of luck we managed to hold our lines an break the enemy's.

Map Result Comment
Snakewater 5 : 0
Granary 5 : 0

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