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Future of the CS:GO Team
2014-02-20 at 4:32 PM - Netsky
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There are new changes on the horizon for our CS:GO team. People might think it's a setback, but we'd beg to differ.

You might ask why there's going to be changes with the team after the successful EMS qualifiers; It's true that a change in our setup might come at a disadvantage, but it has its merits too. AlexRr has left the team because of internal difficulties, but we'd like to take the time to express our respect for his performance in our matches and we wish him all the best and lots of success at Eyes on You

The second player to leave is a man who's been on and off at MTF.Gaming a.s.b.l. and whom we'd like to thank for his time and effort: Once more, we can't stress this enough: He hasn't been kicked. Cavy, or Timo, is a friend of our organization and the team and will always be welcome here. It's currently unclear if he wants to play elsewhere.

So now, for the changes: After an extensive talk, the team has decided to take player tow B back after his team, the Playing Ducks, had folded - even though he left us in an unfortunate situation when he left earlier. But everyone deserves a second chance and that's why we're proud to announce he's back in action with us!

Of course this means there's still a spot open and we're one player short - that's why we're announcing a second player to go alongside towb. So please welcome r0b, a player from Belgium. He'll take the spot formerly occupied by AlexRr. Let's give him a warm welcome in our organization and let the good times roll.

Our next target after barely missing the EMS tickets is, of course, the EPS season. The team clearly has potential and is poised to give you the same kind of action that we were able to give you with cavy and alexRr

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