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Team Fortress 2 Team Updates!
2013-04-22 at 9:14 AM - Netsky
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As some of you might have noticed, it has been rather quiet around our Team Fortress 2 team for a while now.
Fear not! We are still around and going stronger than ever.

We have had two seasons since the last post - I will recap them for you as fast as I can.
Furthermore I shall present you the new team, as we had some roster changes and lastly our current position and goal for the upcoming ETF2L Season 15

Now shall we get started?

The last reports are still from Season 12, where we won Division 6 quite easily - now let's talk about Season 13 and 14.
Right after Season 12 we lost our newly joined Soldier Risiko so we were looking for a replacement, which we found a week after: Ninjuh, yet an other Luxembourgian player to complete our roster.
Season 13 had it's ups and down, we couldn't beat most of the teams which left us in a rather unfavorable position at the end. Disappointed by the results Ninjuh left us after the last game had been played and once more we were on the lookout for a new team mate.

That's when we found Jay. Jay is the first German speaking player we took among our ranks after quite some time. So the team composition was the following: Hisui & pischto as scouts, Duton as demoman, splinter as roaming soldier, Jay as pocket soldier and Netsky as medic.
While being lucky as we got an other chance to play in division 5, the start of Season 14 was a disaster, but we kept on playing and got a lot stronger during the season itself. However due to missing out points at the beginning we made it only on fourth place. Disappointing but considering the bad start it was acceptable. Suddenly two teams above us got their points stripped because one of their respective players did use cheats. So we made it to second place in division 5 after all. This means we got promoted to division 4.

A new problem came up: splinter wanted to stop playing competitive TF2. Once more on the lookout for a new player. After two weeks of trials we decided Guyyst was our man. With this exceptional roamer we were confident to sign up for division 4, however we wanted to get more training in. Due to the circumstances we had to look for an additional scout. OsZ was our choice, he almost made his competition look like pubbers without plan. Eyes on target: beat Division 4!

So the final team for Season 15 is:
  • Scouts: Hisui, pischto, OsZ
  • Demoman: Duton
  • Soldiers: Jay.C, Guyyst
  • Medic: Netsky

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