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First Matchday CS:GO 4PL Pro Liga
2013-04-06 at 11:49 AM - blitza97
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The time has finally come, the 4PL GO league is ready! After an easy passage through the qualification for the 4PL Pro League the first match is finally upon us.

Our first opponent will be the new Iplay team. We haven't had the chance to play against them in the EPS because of the resolved case of cheating by former Iplay member nes. But this is a new team we're facing. First map will be de_dust2_se, a map which will be in our favor. The great unknown: How will the new Iplay squad fare on this map?

Statement from Team-Manager Robin 'blitza97' Dreger

The 4PL has finally decided to start the Pro League in CS:GO and of course we're in the thick of it! The 4PL Pro League will be the ideal preparation to accompany our training for the EPS Playoffs. Tonight's the first match day and our opponent is sporting a name that many will remember with a pinch of salt because of cheating – but all of this is forgotten and forgiven! The opponent, of course, is Iplay: Three new names will join three veteran players and we're excited to see how the match pans out. It'll be played on our favourite gather map de_dust2_se, a map on which a lot can happen and you have to be prepared for anything. Fortunately, we are, so I'm betting on a win
Link: Matchlink

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