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Last Matchday vs. dotpiXels
2013-03-25 at 2:03 PM - blitza97
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Last match day still means: Give it your all! Even though our CS:GO team is all but sure of a playoff spot, we can't celebrate just yet. If all teams win the games they should, we'll take part in the fight for the finals.

The last opponent of this season won't be an easy one: It's no one less than the dotpiXels team which we'll meet on the beautiful de_train_se map. If our training was succesful we'll stand a good chance to win this one. But don't be too sure: With CHEF-KOCH and rax the dotpixels have strengthened their team significantly. It was hard to judge the former 1.6 player but after just 2 games played we can be sure he's dangerous, just like Rax.

It'll be a thrilling match for sure! Root for us and hope we get three points!

Statement from Team-Manager Robin 'blitza97' Dreger

Onwards to three more points; Our loss to team Alternate has shown that we can still perform on a high level - at least sometimes. Alternate has played a perfect season and barring any surprises will pass the group stage without any flaws.

Our next enemy has not shown this flawless composure so far but has been strong nonetheless and is therefor sitting in third spot.
It'll be a tough one, then, on de_train_se. Three of my players were on the GSH this weekend which meant training took a small hit, but the map is in our favour so we have high hopes for this match. Still, CHEF-Koch and rax are two dangerous new players in the dotpiXels lineup because they were hard to judge from their background.

My team will give it their all to defend the playoff position! Still, let's wish both teams all the best and may the best one win.

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