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An easy match for us!
2013-03-21 at 12:58 PM - blitza97
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The ESL Pro Series Spring Season 2013 is about to end. Three matches are still to be played and the regular match days will be over. Let's take a look at the standings: The team is sitting in fourth place, which would send us to the playoffs... but wait! If you look at the matches left to be played, you'll see that the teams behind us are still able to catch and surpass us, which means we have to win at least two, if not all three of the next games.

But let's get back to the ninth match day and our opponent will be Alternate which will be anything but hard: Alternate is currently sitting without a loss atop the conference and has nothing to lose, which is why I'm assuming they're about to gift us three points! Nah, let's be serious: It'll be a hard fought match but our guys will give it their all once again and the map de_dust2_se has always been able to surprise.

Statement from Team-Manager Robin'blitza97'Dreger

Three more games ahead of us, out of which we need nine points to be safely in the playoffs and I sure HOPE Alternate is nice to us and helps us out a bit. The Alternate team is currently on a roll and heading for a perfect season where they would not want to spill the beans, but... are you so sure, Alternate? We're certain that a little setback could lead to a higher motivation for you ... and it's not like you need the points, do you?

After the wins against n!faculty and Team Gamed!de we want to win this one, too.
But let's just recap the Gamed!de match: We lost the pistolrounds again, went to the break down 6:9 and turned up the volume to finish 16:13. Nobody expected this, really, even though the bets were split 50/50 on 99dmg.
The action resumes tonight on the gathermap de_dust2_se. After the won matches we're on a hot trail and want to turn the heat up some more on the desert map to leave our opponent hanging high and dry.
Still, I want to wish everyone lots of success, may the best one win.

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