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Gameday 8 vs. Team Gamed!de
2013-03-17 at 4:35 PM - blitza97
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The EPS Spring Season 2013 is headed to an end and there's four matches left to play. The season up until now has not been quite as foretold: We're in seventh place and rightfully so, because we have been playing badly and below our normal standard. The last match against n!faculty saw us returning to old strength, though.

Tonight our CS:GO Boys will have to deal with the surprise team of Gamed!de. With a solid outing they're almost a sure bet for the playoffs, which is why it won't be easy for our boys around Timo 'cavy' Hofmann to reek in three points tonight. We've got the advantage though when it comes to the map as de_mirage_se is one of our stronger turfs. We hope we can show up full strength again and send Gamed!de back to where they belong.

Statement from Team-Manager Robin 'blitza97' Dreger

Finally being able to write a statement again... Those wildcards are always so tedious. Well, let's see who we got here... Right, it's the surprise team, Gamed!de. Taken as an underdog on seasons beginning this team has since proven not to be a low roller – they surprised a lot of people and have done quite well.

This team is now in our crosshair: My team's currently sitting in seventh spot and that could be much, much better... three wins better, to be exact.

But what can you do, we've had some bad luck along the way... Which is why we have to give it our all in the last four matches and shoot our way to victory. With Philipp 'caLipo' Jagla we have some fresh Red Dead player blood in our veins and we hope he can get the team kickstarted again. Each one of my players wants to go to the ISNG and that means nine more points, boys!

After we've shown on de_nuke_se what we're capable of doing on our strong maps we're now headed for de_mirage_go. In their first mirage match team Gamed!de met with dotpixels and could only revv up on CT side. Something to exploit, maybe. We wish everyone a good and fair match and hope we can get our next three points – because Gamed!de sure does not need them
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