The wait is over, Gamescom is here! And MTF.Gaming! is going too – to Showroom 8, Booth 20, where you can see our players live and in action starting Friday when they'll be playing the coming action game „Tactical Intervention“ live on stage! Worth your while to show up if you're interested in getting a first-hand glimpse of the up-and-coming shooter game. We'll also be giving away access keys after the Gamescom in a raffle, so with us, you can't go wrong!

That means: Off to the Gamescom and go visit the booth of 1337Games if you don't want to be let down! See you there!
Heute präsentieren wir euch unser neues Amateur Team im Bereich Counter-Strike. "Global Offensive" erfreut sich immer größer werdender Beliebtheit und die Fangemeinde steigt stetig. Um zu zeigen, dass der Name MTF.Gaming für Multiplayerspiele jeder Art steht präsentieren wir euch heute unser neues "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"-Team: Das deutsch besetzte Trio ist noch recht frisch in dieser Konstellation aber das Teamklima ist bereits sehr gut, freundschaftlich und man möchte sich international mit anderen Teams messen und zeigen, was man kann. Wir freuen uns euch bei Team MTF.Gaming begrüßen zu können!

As some of you might have noticed, it has been rather quiet around our Team Fortress 2 team for a while now.
Fear not! We are still around and going stronger than ever.

We have had two seasons since the last post - I will recap them for you as fast as I can.
Furthermore I shall present you the new team, as we had some roster changes and lastly our current position and goal for the upcoming ETF2L Season 15

Now shall we get started?

The stadium's all sold out, the last one has grabbed a beer and the spectators are poised for kick-off.
Here they are! Both teams are leaving the coaching area! The team in Red, MTF.Gaming, and KSIOlajidebt in Blue.

Who will persevere? The Blue team has had a perfect debut to their season with a 9:0 win, but the Red team has shown some skills as well, even though their first match ended in a draw. Their players are hungry for a win and will be dangerous tonight.

I'm excited as ever for this match - and now, on to the commentary!

Statement from Team-Manager Robin 'blitza97' Dreger

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