Call Of Duty 4 Team wants join MTF

Call Of Duty 4 Team wants join MTF

Postby mitsosgrk » 15 Jan 2011, 16:07

Team Name : minus Gaming

Team Members :

devR-(Team Captain) AK-47 [Age=16] exTeams : Immature ( greek academy team) myRevenge.GR (greek academy team) Heat( greek team)
Pantrif (Team Member) Scope [Age=19] exTeams : Sixth Sense (they are now tvl.ijag academy team)
Dreamerxz (Team Member) AK-74u [Age=17] exTeams : (greek academy team)
Siner (Team Member) AK-47 [Age=18] exTeams : (greek academy team) Heat(greek team)
xRev (Team Member) AK-74u [Age=22] exTeams : newage (greek future academy team)
ProzJe (Team Member) AK-74u [Age=17] exTeams : NuKeS(greek team)

Some screenshots vs future/academy teams:

inc cross 13-11 cross 10-10 , strike 11-7 ... sfire.png/

EOD cross 10-10

LoLpanic cross 16-8 ... ssfir.png/

nsPLAY cross 14-10 ... sfire.png/

Plus cross 14-10

rLize cross 12-12 ... sfire.png/

TFT cross 15-5

zeroEMPATHY backlot 10-14

mtek cross 16-7

zek cross 13-11 , strike 13-11


Achievements : AGL Lan 4th place , ejected onc 3rd place

What do we need from you : first of all we need a game server and a ts or mumble we are lanable in greece so if you can you can give us some lan support tickets blabla :>

contact : xfire : mitsosgrk
msn :

Thanks for reading my application

Re: Call Of Duty 4 Team wants join MTF

Postby Netsky » 15 Jan 2011, 16:40

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