[TF2] Public Server - Admin & Reserved Slot

[TF2] Public Server - Admin & Reserved Slot

Postby Netsky » 07 Jul 2012, 14:05

Good day ladies and gentlemen,

Let me know if you want either get a registered slot or even admin for one (or more) of our TF2 Server(s).
Please note - there WON'T be any "premium" features like on other public servers as personally we at MTF.Gaming think it breaks gameplay - so no need to ask for that, here is your answer: no.

What will I gain then if I get myself involved?
  • First with a reserved slot it should be pretty obvious you may connect to a full server without waiting! (connect through the console!)
  • Second as admin you have the ability to call scrambles when you think it's needed, you may kick offensive players and so on

In a nutshell - you will have more options than a "visitor" so to speak.


Please note: The better player you are the more likely it is I'll give you one of those access features. By better I mean play sometimes on our server(s) (for instance high ranking) - have some experience in TF2 (general TF2 play time) and so on.

Here an example what to post:

Name: MTF! Netsky
Steam ID: 0:0:7884940
Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976035608

I wish to get an admin slot
on the 12v12 & highlander Server.

About me: *insert some motivation ;)*
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