Every organization will see the day when it has to part with long-time members. Of course, that includes us: After three years of trust and partnership, Kevin "kev1n" B. and his friend Florian "fl0w". will be leaving us.

The work of both has lead to many memorable moments and a high amount of trust as well as a deeply engrained friendship. But both of them want to concentrate more on their private life for now and have thus chosen to let the gaming pat behind them. Fortunately, they haven't excluded a return yet.

Tobias "tow b" H. will also be leaving us in favor of his private life, but also because of the several small setbacks he's had with his teams over the past months.
As you may or may not know, MTF.Gaming is back in business with a new LoL team as well!
After searching far and wide for experienced, fun-loving players, we finally managed to put together a roster that we feel may very well play a role in the upcoming ESL Amateur league series. After all, they managed to enter the Premier Division just weeks after getting together to play.

The team is managed by Nik Lange whom many regulars may know as 'AHoernchen'. He'll do team synergy and strategy together with Vincent 'hauni' W. Both of them will run strategies for the team and manage the team internal questions, which allows MTF.Gaming management to keep a back seat on most discussions.
There are new changes on the horizon for our CS:GO team. People might think it's a setback, but we'd beg to differ.

You might ask why there's going to be changes with the team after the successful EMS qualifiers; It's true that a change in our setup might come at a disadvantage, but it has its merits too. AlexRr has left the team because of internal difficulties, but we'd like to take the time to express our respect for his performance in our matches and we wish him all the best and lots of success at Eyes on You

Yesterday we engaged in the second round of the online qualifier finals for Katowice against Team Alternate. Remember: We managed to kick them out in the first qualifiers for the German national finals already.
Now we're heading off against them once again and, at first, it looked like a done deal. On inferno our team had once more shown that it belongs in the top team rankings in Germany and won 16:14.

The second map, de_dust2, should not have been an issue either, since our team has its strengths on this map. But Team Alternate wasn't going to let go so easily and prepared well for this particular map. This meant that at the end of the day, a result of 12:16 meant a draw in maps and we had to go to overtime once more, this time to de_mirage.
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